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  • 三分钟经典英语演讲稿

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    Good morning,ladies and gentlemen,today i am so happy to stand here to give you a speech.Or rather, a real story of mine.

    Though with time going by,i can still remember what you once told me.You should be a brave girl.Smiling,you looked into my eyes.Year in,year out,nearly most of my memories are fading little by little.But only this simple sentence remained,without being forgotten in my life.

    Again and again,i can not stop myself from thinking about it.So ordinary,but so impressive,so moving,just like the brightest sunshine,it helps me go through the darkest night.I am such a sensitive girl in your heart.You said,my sorroful facial expression made feel so distersssed.However,there is one thing i never tell you,that is ,i am becoming a big girl gradually with your words and smiles.I never tell you about it,for i believe oneday,you can see the great changes of mine for yourself.That is what i want to do in return.As i know,that will be the best gift for you.

    I suddenly think of a song named MY HEART WILL GO ON.There is a beautiful sentence going like this.You are safe in my heart.More than once,i was moved to tears by it.I know ,i am also safe in your heart.i have already forgotten when i told you i was going to leave for Australia this summer holiday.You just smiled as usual,gently speaking.Whatever you decide to do,i will be in favor of it,but, just onething,remember,when you fell lonely abroad,do not forget we are here ,praying for you.We are all around you,far across the distance and space between us.i closed my eyes,the flashback started.The memories we had together,once we played games on the palyground,we played jokes on each other,you always wrote a lot of sentences on my articles to encourage me.And the most unforgetable thing,you told me,you believed m i could be a big girl.Sooner or later.

    At that specific moment,i suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence totally.So on that day,i smiled as you used to,looking at you.The last words i said were,keep walking in sunshine.

    Yes,keep walking in sunshine.I said to you ,also to myself.I know i am not alone wiht your company,and we can keep walking in sunshine till the last minute of our days.

    I promise,i will be a big girl.

    I promise,i will be a brave girl.

    I promise,i will keep walking in sunshine.

    That is my speech,thank you!


    Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen!

    Im very honored to stand here and give you a short speech! my topic is Opportunities and Challenges.

    First, I would like to know, what does your destiny offer you? Happiness, wisdom, a strong body or something else. If I had asked this question to president Nixon, he would probably had said,Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.

    Needless to say, one of the biggest opportunities given to China is the 2020 Olympic Games. Till now, we have used two sevenths of the preparation time. How much changes have you seen? New roads, new subway lines, public-exercising equipments with beautiful colors, large blocks of grass fields, and also lots of modern gyms which are under construction.

    Other than those, there are even more good effects brought to us by the Olympic Games that cannot be seen directly. For example, more and more people will get to know China. Im sure the mysterious Chinese culture will attract them strongly. And the games will also do good to the economy and environment, for it is gaining the attention of foreign investors and the awareness of environmental protection is being strengthened. What is more, Olympic Games give a unique opportunity to inspire and educate a new generation of Chinese youth with the Olympic values and the Olympic spirit. Now that we have seen so many advances, could you even imagine us losing the holding rights?

    Ive already said a lot about the Olympics and China. But I think everyone should use some time to think of this question, Does the Olympic Games have any special meaning to you?

    For us, I mean the Chinese youth, 2020 Olympic Games is a tremendous gift. Because what we are waiting for is to do something significant as repaying the love given to us .The society is just like a ship, and in our dreams the captain is waving his hand and saying Hey! Come here and take the helm! How charming his voice is, but we have never heard of it in our true life. This morning, however, when we wake up, we will see the Olympic Games waving its hand. After chewing, most of us will have at least one plan about what to do for the Olympic Games. And mine is to be a comforter ----that is someone who will give comfort to others.

    At the end of my speech, I hope all the preparation will go well, and everyone will show their ability to the world. Let us seize opportunities and give a big smile to challenges.










    Good afternoon, everyone!

    The topic of my speech today is Being a Good Listener.

    Good listening can always show respect, promote understanding, and improve interpersonal relationship.

    Many people suggest that parents should listen more to their children, so they will understand them better, and find it easy to narrow the generation gap; teachers should listen more to their students, then they can meet their needs better, and place themselves in a good relationship with their students; students should listen more to their classmates, thus they will help and learn from each other, and a friendship is likely to be formed.

    What I want to stress is that each of us should listen more to others. Show your respect and never stop others till they finish their talk; show you are interested by a supportive silence or a knowing smile; be open-minded to different opinions even though you dont like them. In a word, good listening can really enable us to get closer to each other.

    Thank you for your listening!








    I have a dream today.

    I have a dream that one day every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

    Wow, what a dream it has been for Martin Luther King. But the changing world seems telling me that people gradually get their dreams lost somehow in the process of growing up, and sometimes I personally find myself saying goodbye unconsciously to those distant childhood dreams.

    However, we meed dreams. They nourish our spirit; they represent possibility even when we are dragged down by reality. They keep us going. Most successful people are dreamers as well as ordinary people who are not afraid to think big and dare to be great. When we were little kids, we all dreamed of doing something big and splashy, something significant. Now what we need to do is to maintain them, refresh them and turn them into reality. However, the toughest part is that we often have no ideas how to translate these dreams into actions. Well, just start with concrete objectives and stick to it. Dont let the nameless fear confuse the eye and confound our strong belief of future. Through our talents, through our wits, through our endurance and through our creativity, we will make it.

    Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow. So my dear friends, think of your old and maybe dead dreams. Whatever it is, pick it up and make it alive from today.








    Everybody good afternoon:.

    First of all thank the teacher gave me a story in my own future ideal job.

    Everyone has a dream job. My dream is to become a boss, own a company.

    In order to achieve my dreams, I need to find a good job, to accumulate some experience and wealth, it is the necessary things

    Of course, in the school good achievement and rich knowledge is also very important. Good achievement and rich experience can let me work to make the right choice, have more opportunities and achievements.

    At the same time, communication is very important, because it determines whether my company has a good future development. So I need to exercise their communicative ability. I need to use all of the free time to learn all. Because I believe, there is nothing in the world can shake my determination.

    You will be successful, as your own efforts. So seize the time, we have no time to waste.

    Nothing in the world can change their patience ( confidence ).












    Learn How to Say No

    Weve all been taught that we should help people. It is the right thing to do and will make us popular with others. It may even win us favors in return. However, we must be realistic. We cant say yes to every request. If we did, we would fail or go crazy for sure. Sometimes we simply dont have the time to help. In this case, we must know how to say no politely.

    When we need to say no, here is one method we can try. First, we should tell the truth. If we really cant do something, we should just say so. Second, we should remember to refuse requests politely. We must communicate clearly, but must also be sincere and sympathetic. A true friend will understand. Finally, we must not feel guilty about saying no. Sometimes refusing others is the right thing to do. It can save ourselves, and them, a lot of trouble. In short, we cannot please everyone all the time. Refusing favors is a part of life.




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