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  • [小学英语阅读理解带翻译【三篇】]小学英语阅读理解带翻译和答案

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    相关热词搜索:小学英语阅读理解带翻译【三篇】 英语阅读理解翻译10篇 英语阅读理解及翻译


    【导语】海阔凭你跃,天高任你飞。愿你信心满满,尽展聪明才智;妙笔生花,谱下锦绣第几篇。学习的敌人是自己的知足,要使自己学一点东西,必需从不自满开始。以下是大范文网为大家整理的《小学英语阅读理解带翻译【三篇】》 供您查阅。


    Reading is a pleasure of the mind, which means that it is a little like a sport: your eagerness and knowledge and quickness make you a good reader. Reading is fun, not because the writer is telling you something, but because it makes your mind work. Your own imagination works along with the author"s or even goes beyond his. Your experience, compared with his, brings you to the same or different conclusions, and your ideas develop as you understand his.

      Every book stands by itself, like a one-family house, but books in a library are like houses in a city. Although they are separate, together they all add up to something; they are connected with each other and with other cities. The same ideas, or related ones, turn up in different places; the human problems that repeat themselves in life repeat themselves in literature, but with different solutions according to different writings at different times.

      Reading can only be fun if you expect it to be. If you concentrate on books somebody tells you "ought" to read, you probably won"t have fun. But if you put down a book you don"t like and try another till you find one that means something to you, and then relax with it, you will almost certainly have a good time--and if you become as a result of reading, better, wiser, kinder, or more gentle, you won"t have suffered during the process.






    When the Moon Follows Me(Mary E. Potter)

      Each of my sons made the discovery early. We would be riding in the car at night, and a little voice would call out from the back seat, “Hey, the moon is following us!” I would explain that the moon was not actually gliding along with our car. There would be another period of critical observation and the final verdict, delivered more quietly this time: “But it really is moving. I can see it.”

      I thought of that one evening as I was driving. The moon, one day short of fullness, rode with me, first gliding smoothly, then bouncing over the bumpy stretches, now on my right, then straight ahead, the silver light washing over dry grasses in open fields, streaking along through black branches, finally disappearing as the road wound its way through the hills.

      When I crested the hill in the village, there it was again —— grown suddenly immense, ripe, flooding the town with a sprawling light so magical I began to understand why it is said to inspire “looniness.” I could hardly wait to get back home to show the boys.

      Robert was in the bathtub, so I grabbed John. “ Close your eyes and come see what followed me home,” I said, hoping to increase the dramatic impact. I led him out into the night. “Okay. Open! Isn’t it beautiful?”

      John blinked a few times and looked at me as if I might, indeed, be loony. “Mom, it’s just the moon. Is this the surprise?” I suppose he was hoping for a puppy.

      I should have realized that, being only ten, he was probably too young to know how much we sometimes need the magic and romance of moonlight——a light that is nothing like the harsh glare of the sun that it reflects. Moonlight softens our faults; all shabbiness dissolves into shadow. It erases the myriad details that crowd and rush us in the sunlight, leaving only sharp outlines and highlights and broad brushstrokes——the fundamental shape of things.

      Often in the soothing, restorative glow we stare transfixed, bouncing our ambitions and hopes and plans off this great reflector. We dream our dreams; we examine the structure of our lives; we make considered decisions. In a hectic, confusing world, it helps to step out into a quiet, clear swath of moonlight, to seek out the fundamentals and eschew the incidentals.

      The night after I showed John the moon, he burst breathlessly through the door, calling, “Mom, come out for a minute!” This time, he led me, coatless and shivering. The driveway gravel crunched underneath our sneakers. From somewhere in the woods beyond the pond, the plaintive calls of geese honked and died away.

      Past the row of pine trees that line the road, the sky opened up with the full moon on it, suspended so precariously close that it might come hurtling toward us—— incandescent, even larger and more breathtaking than the night before, climbing its motionless climb over the molten silver of our pond. Even a ten-year-old could see this wasn’t just the moon. This was The Moon.

      When I turned around, John was grinning, expectant, studying my face intently to see if he had pleased me. He had. I knew that now the moon was following him too.

      月儿随我同行  (玛丽.E.波特)

      我的两个儿子各自都在很小的时候就有了那惊人的发现。每当我们驱车夜行的时候,后座上总会传来稚嫩惊奇的声音: “嘿,瞧!月亮实际上并没有跟在我们的汽车后面滑行。发出惊叹的孩子往往审视良久,终于得出定论,再一次用较冷静的口吻说: “它确实在动的嘛,我看得见的。”



      罗伯特正在洗澡;于是我一把拉起约翰,说:“闭上眼睛,来看看什么东西随我回家了。”希望这样能增强戏剧性的效果。我牵着他走到户外的夜色中。 “行了,睁开眼睛!瞧,多美啊!”













    The main impression growing out of twelve years on the faculty of a medical school is that the No.1 health problem in the U.S. today, even more than AIDS or cancer, is that Americans don’t know how to think about health and illness. Our reactions are formed on the terror level.

      We fear the worst, expect the worst, thus invite the worst. The result is that we are becoming a nation of weaklings and hypochondriacs, a self-medicating society incapable of

      distinguishing between casual, everyday symptoms and those that require professional attention.

      Early in life, too, we become seized with the bizarre idea that we are constantly assaulted by invisible monsters called germs, and that we have to be on constant alert to protect ourselves against their fury. Equal emphasis, however, is not given to the presiding fact that our bodies are superbly equipped to deal with the little demons and the best way of forestalling an attack is to maintain a sensible life-style.


      在医学院任教十二年来,我获得的主要印象是,当今美国头号健康问题——一个比艾滋病或癌症更为严重的问题——是美国人不知道如何去认识健康与疾病。我们的反应是惊恐万状。我们怕最坏的事,想着最坏的事,而恰恰就召来了最坏的事。结果 ,我们变成了一个孱弱不堪,总疑心自己有病的民族,一个分不清哪些是日常偶发症状,哪些是需要治疗的症状,而自己擅自用药的社会。


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